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Title : Putting Islam to work : education, politics, and religious transformation in Egypt

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This website allows users to access the online edition of 'Putting Islam to Work : Education, Politics, and Religious Transformation in Egypt'. Written by Gregory Starrett, the book focuses largely on what Egyptians wish and expect their younger generation to know and believe, and what they want each other to think the children should know and believe. For this, he looks at the historical changes in the nature of religion, the relationship of Islam to state bureaucracies and political interest groups, the role played by the media in the construction of national identities; and explores the manner in which religious education and formal schooling have served as the fora for discussing and addressing political issues. Divided into four sections, the work has eight chapters in total. The print version was published by the University of California Press in 1998. A useful resource for students of Islam and those interested in the intersection between religion and politics.


Uncontrolled Keywords : religion and politics; religion and culture

Controlled Keywords : Islam; Egypt; religion and related disciplines

Language : eng;

Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999)

Geographic Name : Africa Northeast

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