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Title : Rationale of hypertext

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The Rationale of Hypertext is an online essay in full-text by Jerome McGann which focuses primarily on the physical character of textual works and discusses it from both a literary and a practical, methodological perspective. It is divided into 3 main sections: 'The Book as a Machine of Knowledge'; 'HyperEditing and Hypermedia'; and 'The Necessity of Hypermedia'. The first section discusses several implications of the use of electronic media in the production and study of textual material, and argues that digital versions provide us with a means of transcending the informational and critical limitations of the hard copy text. The second section distinguishes between hyper-editing and manipulating text with the aid of word processors, and suggests that to function in a 'hyper' mode, an editing project must use computerization as a means to secure freedom from the analytic limits of hardcopy text. The final section is dedicated to exploring the need for high-quality multimedia digital resources and the difficulties encountered in their production. It uses as starting points for the discussion examples illustrating some of the challenges and limitation encountered in the production of print scholarly editions of works by Blake, Dickinson, Landon, and Wordsworth, and concludes with an overview and analysis of one of Professor McGann own projects, The Rossetti Hypermedia Archive. The work also includes a coda entitled 'A Note on the Decentred Text', which explores the question of whether the organisational structure of the hypertext is dependent upon the existence of a central underlying 'text'.


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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999)

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