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Title : UK government web archive

Description :
The "UK Government Web Archive" is a project undertaken by The National Archives that aims to preserve government websites, with the intention of illustrating the changing nature of interaction between the citizens of the UK and its government. This website collects and makes available an archive of snapshots of selected government websites. Full background information on the project is also available. The project commenced in 2003. The chosen websites fall into the broad categories of: Business, industry, economics and finance; Culture and leisure; Environment; ; Government, politics and public administration; Health, well-being and care; International affairs and defence; People, community and housing; Public order, justice and rights; Transport, communication and technology; and Work, education and skills. The individual websites include: those of major government departments such as DEFRA and the Prime Minister's Office; those of regulatory bodies such as the Strategic Rail Authority; and that of the Hutton Inquiry. The archive of these websites is likely to be of interest to many people, whether they are looking for information about a specific subject or for a general overview of how the UK government has presented information to the public. The snapshots are taken at intervals of either one week or six months, and are made available through the Internet Archive. The search function allows users to search for websites by web address. The collection may also be browsed by category. It is easy to navigate, although once the user is viewing a snapshot it is necessary to use the browser button to return to the snapshot index. The snapshot itself consists of the whole website as it was on the date when the record was taken, with all internal links intact. However, some external links and images may be broken.


Uncontrolled Keywords : digital archives; digital preservations; archived sites; governmental agencies; digital government;

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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999)

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