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Title : Shi'a Islam

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The Shi'a Islam website provides a basic introduction to the differences between the Shi'a and Sunni religions, and describes the origins and subsequent history of the Shi'ite Muslims. There are pages on 'Ali, Muhammad's cousin and the foundational figure in Shi'a history; Husayn, the third Imam; the Imamate; Muhammad al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam known as the 'hidden Imam'; medieval Shi'a; and the Safavids. This history extends to modern Iran and the Iranian revolution. A page on Islamic republicanism attempts to explain the principles behind 'rule by jurisprudence' and Islamic fundamentalism. However, at time of review this resource had not been updated in several years, and users should note that this means there is no coverage of more recent events and developments in the Islamic world.

In addition to the overview of Shi'ism, there are images of some of the key holy sites of Shi'a Islam; a glossary of Shi'a terms and concepts; and a glossary of more general Islamic terms. There is also a list of links, but unfortunately this has suffered through a lack of maintenance. This site forms part of an online courseware unit from Washington State University's 'World Civilizations' project. It is targeted at students about to begin university and first year undergraduates.


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