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Title : Charles S. Peirce

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This website is devoted to the American philosopher and polymath Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914). Active in a great many areas of philosophical research, Peirce is probably best known for his contributions to logic and semiotics, and as one of the fathers of American pragmatism. The website starts with an inadequate biographical sketch of Peirce, although after this the content improves somewhat. There is a selected bibliography of a small number of his published papers, six of which are reproduced in full. These include his well-known 'On a New List of Categories', three essays on cognition, and two 'illustrations of the logic of science'. The third section of the site covers the community of Peirce scholars. It includes links to other related materials on the Web.


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Period : 19th Century; 20th Century (1900 - 1945);

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