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Title : Irish diaspora studies

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The Irish Diaspora Studies website has been created by the historian Patrick O'Sullivan as a forum for academics to explore, debate, and discuss the Irish Diaspora. The focus of the site is scholarly and inter-disciplinary with worldwide coverage, with the aim of promoting and encouraging research into this aspect of Irish history. Featured on the site are debates, which cover subjects like the Irish Famine, study guides, with topics such as the Orange Order, the Irish in South America, and the Irish in Britain, and a number of reviews of recent scholarship. Also connected with the site is the Irish-Diaspora List, an email discussion forum for Irish history scholars, which is hosted by the Irish Diaspora Research Unit at the University of Bradford.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Irish studies; Orange Order; Irish communities; Ireland

Controlled Keywords : University of Bradford; migrants; emigration; culture; migration; culture;

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Period : 20th Century (1900 - 1945); 19th Century; 18th Century

Geographic Name : British Isles,Ireland,South America

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