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The Theatre Database is an extensive resource for students of drama, covering drama from the classical world to the 21st century. There are seven principal sections, relating to ancient theatre, medieval theatre, and chronologically from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Within each section are a number of informative essays covering the significant aspects of the era. So, for the 16th century, there are pieces on Elizabethan Dramatic Criticism, a biography of Shakespeare and an analysis of John Heywood. These essays are taken from a range of previously published works, each of which is credited to its author. In addition, related links are appended to each study, as well as a direct link to the HighBeam search engine. The website is particularly strong in its resources on Ancient Theatre, and surprisingly brief on the 20th century; there is also, as yet, very little on the 21st century. It should be stressed that the individual essays are are old, generally dating to the early decades of the 20th century. Articles on the Ancient Theatre (this reviewer's primary field of knowledge) are not by classical specialists, and unlike Aristophanes, Greek tragedians are not given the same play-by-play treatment. Many of the links are to equally outdated articles on the Theatre History website. Even if these essays may be valid in outline, they are unsatisfactory in such a potentially useful resource. This criticism holds true for the other periods: the essay on Shakespeare is taken from Bellinger, M.F., "A Short History of the Drama" (New York, 1927). At most, this website is useful as a starting point, and the advertisements on the site are rather irritating. As an alternative, with a greater and more contemporary scope, interested users might try Franklin Hildy and Oscar Brockett's History of the Theatre website.


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