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Title : Proceedings of the Friesian school, fourth series

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'The Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series' is an electronic journal dedicated to continuing the Friesian reformation of philosophical thinking. The Friesian School traces its origins back to Kant. The name Friesian refers to Jakob Friedrich Fries (1773-1843), an evaluator and developer of Kant's theory of Transcendental Deduction. Fries was rediscovered by Leonard Nelson (1882-1927). Others who were influenced by Kantian thinking via Fries include Rudolf Otto, Karl Popper, and Friedrich A. Hayek. The journal contains an archive of essays on a range of subject areas including, 'History of Philosophy' (largest section), 'Epistemology', 'Philosophy of Science', 'Ethics', 'Political Economy', 'Value Theory', 'Philosophy of Religion', 'Metaphysics', and 'Philosophy of History'. Each section contains a mixture of contributed essays and editorial essays (the latter written by the editor, Kelley L. Ross). There are also a number of book reviews, the majority undertaken by the editor. The journal is not peer reviewed though authors of contributed essays include academic staff, postgraduates and senior undergraduates. The writings of the editor comprise the bulk of the site. A section of the site is also dedicated to the publication of correspondence between the editor and readers.


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