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Title : Digitale Edition der Chronik des Thietmar von Merseburg

Description :
The website "Digitale Edition der Chronik von Thietmar von Merseburg" is an online resource from the Monumenta Germaniae Historica providing a digital facsimile of the Dresden manuscript of the chronicle of Bishop Thietmar von Merseburg (975-1018), a chronicle which deals with the history of Saxony, 908-1018 CE. The chronicle is in Latin; the supporting information is in German. The digitisation is a version of the facsimile text of the manuscript from the Dresden library, published in print as: Die Dresdner Handschrift der Chronik des Bischofs Thietmar von Merseburg, hrsg. von Ludwig Schmidt (Dresden: Tamme, 1905). Full text searching is possible. The images can be enlarged and thanks to the good quality scans the text is highly lisible. The website also contains a digitisation of: Die Chronik des Bischofs Thietmar von Merseburg und ihre Korveier Überarbeitung, hrsg. von Robert Holtzmann, unveränd. Nachdr. der Ausg. Berlin, 1935 (München: Monumenta Germaniae Historica 1980) which is a transcription of the medieval manuscript. This resource is an important primary source for those interested in medieval history and culture.


Uncontrolled Keywords : medieval chronicles; German chronicles; medieval manuscripts;

Controlled Keywords : Saxony, Germany; Monumenta Germaniae Historica; pi7700

Language : lat; deu;

Period : 908 - 1018; 500 - 1000 CE; 1000 - 1200 CE

Geographic Name : Northern Europe

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