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Title : Schoyen collection

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This is the 22nd online edition of a selection of digitised manuscripts from the Schoyen Collection. The Schoyen Collection is a large private manuscript collection formed in the 20th century and held at the National Library of Norway, comprising over 13,000 manuscripts from all over the world and spanning over 5,000 years, from 3300 BC to 1500 AD. The checklist is well structured and has a good contents page with hyperlinks to the main collections organised by subject. Sections of particular interest to manuscript scholars include: Bibles; history; literature; bindings; pre-1450 printing; and palaeography. The manuscript descriptions are very full and include good quality images in both thumbnail and large screen formats. There is also a comprehensive introductory section giving an overview of the entire Schoyen Collection, including the chronological distribution of manuscripts, the distribution by countries and languages, and a list of manuscript scriptoria and provenances. Users will also find a bibliography related to the Schoyen Collection.


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