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Title : Cuneiform digital palaeography project

Description :
Cuneiform Digital Palaeography Project is the website of an interdisciplinary project which seeks to establish a detailed palaeography for the cuneiform script. Such a project has only recently become viable, thanks to technological advances that have made possible the digitisation of three-dimensional script. The project, based at the University of Birmingham and the British Museum, is centred on a database which consists of high-resolution images of each of the many cuneiform signs as they appear on clay tablets and other artefacts. The website explains the aims, objectives, and methodology of the project, and provides access to the database and other related materials. The database may be browsed or searched by: character instance; sign; or text vehicle. Each record specifies: the reigning king at the time of the inscription; the provenance; genre; medium; and vehicle (tablet, cone, or other artefact). The site also explains the related research being enabled by the construction of the database. This includes: the identification of particular scribal hands; the issue of wedge order (cuneiform being impressed by means of pyramidal wedges); and three-dimensional imaging techniques. The site explains the terminology of cuneiform and the components of cuneiform signs. There is also a publications list and a set of links to related web resources. This website provides an excellent example of the application of new technology to research and the dissemination of knowledge.


Uncontrolled Keywords : humanities computing; digital libraries

Controlled Keywords : Mesopotamia; Sumeria; Assyria; cuneiform; paleography; Middle East;

Language : eng; akk; sux;

Period : 3000 - 1500 BCE; 1500 - 750 BCE

Geographic Name : Middle East; Mesopotamia; Sumeria; Assyria;

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