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Title : Masks for Menander : imaging and enactment

Description :
This is the website of an AHRC funded project which is imaging 3D ancient mask miniatures relating to the New Comedy of Menander and create full size reproductions. The aim is to explore the “innate dramatic properties of the ancient artefacts” and demonstrate their inherent theatrical qualities, giving a new insight into the way these qualities were exploited by ancient dramatists, combining “literary, dramatic and iconographic approaches to Greek New Comedy”. The website includes a short section of project news and publications, informative video clips exploring the project in more detail and a lists of technical standards the project has employed.


Uncontrolled Keywords : theatre; Hellenic (ancient)

Controlled Keywords : theater; drama; plays; actors; acting; comedies; comedy; theatres; classics (discipline); Greek (ancient); pi2772

Language : eng;

Period : 750 - 1 BCE; 342-291 BCE

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