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Title : Historia da escritura en Galicia

Description :
Historia da Escritura en Galicia is a website which offers a succinct presentation of the evolution of writing in this autonomous region of Spain. It has been written by Romaní Martínez and Vázquez Bertomeu, lecturers in the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. It provides a general introduction to five main scripts: Visigothic; Caroline; Gothic; legal script (cortesàs-procesais); and Humanistic. Each presentation is accompanied by one or more examples of manuscripts in digital form. The image quality is modest but legible. Only a brief manuscript description is given, and transcriptions or commentaries are not available for each image. The webpage will be of interest to anyone looking for a quick overview of the history of manuscripts and palaeography in Galicia. Users should note that the site can be viewed in Galician only.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Galician manuscripts; palaeography; transcription; Spanish manuscripts

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