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Title : Big and bouncy : the special weapons of Barnes Wallis

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The "Big & Bouncy" website brings together much of the academic and enthusiasts research with photographs and illustrations to tell the story of the "bouncing" bomb developed by Sir Barnes Wallis during the Second World War. This was used by the specially-formed 617 Squadron of the RAF to destroy the Möhne and Eder dams in Germany's Ruhr district in May 1943. Barnes Wallis was a scientist and engineer, working mostly for Vickers aircraft, who earlier in his career worked on the R.100 airship. Wallis later went on to design the 6-ton Tallboy and 10-ton Grand Slam earthquake bombs (which were used successfully against many enemy targets in the later years of World War 2) and after the war developed the practicalities of swing-wing aircraft. As well as the special weapons developed by Wallis this website includes information about the Vickers Windsor bomber aircraft. The author's sources are cited here, and there are links to websites on similar subjects.


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