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Title : AHRC Centre for the Study of the Domestic Interior

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The website 'Centre for the Study of the Domestic Interior' (CDSI) is the homepage of this multi-disciplinary research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and located at the Royal College of Art. The center aims to produce innovative histories of domestic interiors and social spaces by combining traditional architectural and design histories with more recent academic interests sensitive to cultural and visual context, consumption studies and gender and subject-oriented approaches. The website provides abstracts of current CSDI projects, ranging from Italy 1400-1600 A.D. to the Cold War interiors of the 20th century, which are accompanied by short bibliographies and recent publications as well as details of research personnel in addition to news, information of forthcoming conferences and meetings. The various projects differ from traditional studies of domestic space in that they attempt to evolve new types of spatial typologies and to place them within a synchronic historical context. There is a clear emphasis on 'total' histories of domestic contexts combining history, archaeology, design and consumption studies with contemporary research in sociology and philosophy. One major emphasis is the importance of subjective responses to interior design based on ethnography, oral histories, popular publications and personal diaries. Various projects also question traditional assumptions about the role of gender, class, social status and consumption patterns in the construction of domestic spaces. This project is a collaborative venture with the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Bedford Centre for the History of Women at Royal Holloway College, University of London. The holistic, cross-disciplinary approach adopted by the CSDI projects will appeal to a wide and diverse audience interested in the relationship between social attitudes and the built environment and will interest historians and archaeologists in many fields of study.


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