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Title : State of the historic environment report

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This website publishes the full-text of English Heritage's State of the Historic Environment Report since 2002, when the first ever national audit of the state of the historic environment in England was carried out. The reports have been produced by English Heritage on behalf of the historic environment sector in association with a large number of organisations on the Historic Environment Review Steering Group. The resource consists of a series of PDF documents of the reports (at the time of review the ports of years 2002-2005 were available). This resource will benefit not merely those working in the heritage, planning and tourism sectors but will also interest undergraduates and researchers in archaeology, architectural history and related areas, or indeed the general public (including voluntary conservation groups) who are concerned with the protection of the historic environment.

Here is outlined the first report, dated 2002. 'Historic environment assets' defines both the purpose of the document and the nature of the historic environment itself, providing a wide-ranging review of legislation and procedures for the management and protection of historical and archaeological sites, including a description of the range of heritage sites at risk. Further sections outline the need to balance the need for financially sustainable policies in the heritage management sector against the significant contribution the historic environment makes to the economy, especially in the form of tourism. 'Outreach, knowledge and access' emphasises the importance of involving the general public in heritage management, especially in the form of education programmes aimed at all age-groups in society. The Annex provides a very detailed guide to national, regional and local institutions responsible for the management of the historic environment as well as outlining the financial and other resources available for this purpose.


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