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Title : John Paul Adams : home page

Description :
This online classics resource was created by John Paul Adams, a professor in the department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature at the California State University. His website is of benefit to all students of Classics, as it contains numerous links to detailed resources, as well as presenting many useful passages of text in translation. Impressive in its scope, the site is divided into themed sections, each of which contains study notes, teaching handouts, links to relevant websites and English translations of relevant ancient texts. Sections cover the following broad topics: Greek and Roman history; Greek and Roman art and archaeology; Greek and Roman literature; Greek mythology; ancient texts; a Roman army bibliography; resources on ancient Sparta. Other parts of the site link information on the Latin courses taught by John Adams; these in turn offer handouts and links with information on Latin language, vocabulary and grammar. There is much here which will be of interest and value both to the teacher and student of classical subjects.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Latin language; ancient history; classical studies; classical civillisation; Greek and Roman history; ancient literature

Language : eng;

Period : 1 BCE - 500 CE; 750 - 1 BCE

Geographic Name : Europe,Mediterranean Region

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