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Title : Centre for the Study of the Renaissance

Description :
The Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick is an interdisciplinary centre which brings together specialists studying the Renaissance period within English studies, French studies, history, history of art, Italian studies and theatre studies. The Centre receives funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) to develop the AHRB Centre for the Study of Renaissance Elites and Court Cultures. The website provides information about the projects, activities and publications of the Centre. The Centre hosts three research projects: the Italian Elites project which studies the contribution of well-educated or high-ranking Italians to the social, political and cultural life of the Italian and European Renaissance; the Europa Triumphans project which studies court, city and religious festivals of the Renaissance and Early Modern periods; and the John Nichols Project which investigates Court Entertainment and civic pageantry. Each of these projects has a separate section on the website. The site also provides details of seminars and conferences organised by the Centre; the MA in Culture of the European Renaissance; subscription information for the Centre's printed journal, Renaissance Journal; and a useful selection of links to relevant resources.


Controlled Keywords : Arts and Humanities Research Council (Great Britain) (AHRC); Renaissance studies;

Language : eng;

Period : 13th Century; 14th Century; 15th Century; 16th Century

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