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Title : American religious experience

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Conceived by Dr. Brian Turley (West Virginia University) and developed by both himself and an ensemble of other religious scholars from across the United States, "The American Religious Experience" seeks to promote the publication of articles, manuscripts and images related to the past and present expressions of faith in America over the Internet. One part gateway and the other showcase; the site offers a mix of articles and teaching resources of interest to those working in a number of areas such as women in religion, Judaism, and new religious movements. Users will also find within these pages book reviews, a question centre, syllabi, and an impressive collection of links to religious topics in America. Accessible through this site is "The Journal of Southern Religion", of which all issues are freely accessible online. Both the American Religious Experience site and the journal are fully searchable by key word, which is the easiest method to locate documents. As for the former, students will find that the articles presented provide an excellent introduction to their subjects though, at present, the entire project lacks somewhat in resources and it is hoped that in time more will be added. As this project began as a teaching resource for a course on religious history, teaching staff will be especially interested to observe how the Internet has been integrated into the classroom and may find this site provides a useful template. As portions of "The American Religious Experience" are part of an online course, some sections may not be accessible without registration. Unfortunately, the site has been put into 'hibernation' at present, but this does not detract from the wealth of resources available.


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