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Title : MindPapers : a bibliography of the philosophy of mind and the science of consciousness

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MindPapers is an extensive and well-categorised online bibliography of books and papers covering modern philosophy of mind and related topics. It is compiled by David Chalmers and David Bourget of the Australian National University, and forms part of PhilPapers - a vast directory of online material by academic philosophers. The bibliography has around 30,000 entries. The references are divided into eight main sections: philosophy of consciousness; intentionality; perception; metaphysics of mind; miscellaneous philosophy of mind; philosophy of artificial intelligence; philosophy of cognitive science; and science of consciousness. Each of these sections is sub-divided into further categories, making it a simple job to track down references on a particular subject. The site is easy to navigate, with search facilities provided, and where possible entries are linked to online versions of the papers (although users should note that some online journals linked to are not accessible by non-subscribers). It is a valuable resource for all researchers in mind and related fields.


Uncontrolled Keywords : philosophy of mind; consciousness; cognitive science; qualia; perception; intentionality; zombies

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