Record Number : 92132 of 13452

Title : Augustine of Hippo

Description :
The Augustine of Hippo site was initially created by James J. O'Donnell to support a series of online seminars. The site has grown to provide access to a range of resources for the study of Saint Augustine of Hippo, many of which are authored by O'Donnell. The site is divided into a number of sections and navigated through frames. Sections include: an introduction to the life and works of Augustine; texts and translations; commentaries; research materials; a record of the online seminars; and digital images relating to Augustine. The introductory section includes a number of essays written by O'Donnell as well as links to resources such as encyclopaedia entries. The texts and translations section brings together a number of online works of Augustine ranging from the City of God to sermons. Many of the texts are available in both Latin and English translation. Perhaps the most significant resource available in this section is O'Donnell's own edition and commentary on Augustine's Confessions (Augustine: Confessions, a text and commentary. Oxford: 1992. ISBN 0198143788). Research materials include bibliographies, maps, and a collection of online research papers. Throughout the site are scattered annotated links to other Augustinian resources on the Web.


Uncontrolled Keywords : patristics; patristic theology; Church Fathers; Confessions; Confessiones; City of God; De Civitate Dei; Christian Doctrine; De Doctrina Christiana; Rule of St. Augustine; Regula Sancti Augustini; De Dialectica; De Musica; De Vera Religione; Against Faustus the Manichee; Contra Faustum Manichaeum

Controlled Keywords : theology; religious history; Christianity; pi7210

Language : lat; eng;

Period : 1 BCE - 500 CE; 354 - 430

Geographic Name : Africa North

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