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Title : Making Muslim space in North America and Europe / Barbara Daly Metcalf, Editor

Description :
The University of California Press has made available online the full-text of Making Muslim space in North America and Europe, edited by Barbara Daly Metcalf and first published in print in 1996. Making Muslim Space explores the religious life and cultural identity of Muslim communities in the United States, Canada and Europe through their use of private and public space. The book comprises a series of essays by various contributors divided into two parts: 'Making a Space for Everyday Ritual Practice' and 'Claiming Space in the Larger Community'. The essay titles are as follows: Muslim Space and the Practice of Architecture; Transcending Space; "This Is a Muslim Home"; "Refuge" and "Prison"; Making Room versus Creating Space; New Medinas; Island in a Sea of Ignorance; A Place of Their Own; Stamping the Earth with the Name of Allah; Karbala as Sacred Space among North American Shi'a; The Muslim World Day Parade and "Storefront" Mosques of New York City; Nationalism, Community, and the Islamization of Space in London; Engendering Muslim Identities. The online version includes the full-text of each essay together with over forty black and white photographs.


Uncontrolled Keywords : cultural space

Controlled Keywords : minorities; cultural identity; islam;

Language : eng;

Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999)

Geographic Name : Europe,North America

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