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This collection of Web pages from - the Online Literature Library offers access to the seminal writings of Charles Darwin on his theory of evolution and the journeys that formed the foundation of his thesis. 'The Voyage of the Beagle' (1848), two editions of 'The Origin of Species' (1859), and 'The Descent of Man' (1871), are all available as transcripts, with the original references included and accessible through highlighted links. There is very little additional information, aside from the Web-editor's occasional detail on the texts, such as the note that the 6th edition of 'The Origin of Species', which is the second of the two available on the site, is considered to be the definitive version. This is a straightforward resource, of use to any researcher across a range of disciplines needing easy access to Darwin's work, with the added bonus of the two editions useful for comparative study. They are transcripts, however, not scanned originals, so should not be considered definitive in themselves and full publication details for all the original texts would add value to the resource.


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