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Title : Epictetus

Description :
This is a very simple website containing a complete electronic text (in English translation) of The Discourses by the ancient philosopher Epictetus (c. AD50-120). The Discourses record exchanges between Epictetus and his students after formal teaching had concluded for the day. They are a record of intimate, though earnest, discussions in which Epictetus gets his students to consider carefully what the philosophic life, for a Stoic, consists of, and how to live it oneself. A wide range of topics are touched upon, from friendship to illness, from fear to poverty, on how to acquire and maintain tranquillity, and why we should not be angry with other people. The electronic text is divided into four books, with each book containing several chapters.


Controlled Keywords : philosophy; pi8010

Language : eng;

Period : 1 BCE - 500 CE

Geographic Name : Europe,Mediterranean Region

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