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Title : Renaissance secrets

Description :
The website 'Renaissance Secrets' is published by the Open University and the BBC as a companion to a series of short programmes about this period of history. Subjects covered include the architecture of the dome of Florence Cathedral; Venice; Italian Renaissance medicine and healthcare; and the question of whether Gutenberg really did invent movable type, as has usually been believed. For some of the subjects, full transcripts of the programmes are provided. There are also reading lists, together with biographies of the academic experts involved. The course also includes interesting insights from non-academic experts, such as Daniel Libeskind and Cecil Balmond. Additionally, there are links to pages on four major historiographical approaches, including those connected to Marxist theories and women's history. The website is obviously intended to be used in conjunction with courses on the Renaissance, in particular that of the Open University. The subjects are not covered in depth, but the site serves as an entertaining and basic introduction to the topics covered. The site is well laid out, and excellent images are also interspersed with the texts.


Controlled Keywords : Italian Renaissance; Italy; Venice; Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence; Florence; Feminism; Feminist theory; Marxism; Marxist theory; pi1726

Language : eng;

Period : 13th Century; 14th Century; 15th Century

Geographic Name : Europe

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