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Title : Bryn Mawr classical review

Description :
The Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR) is a regularly-updated online journal which publishes reviews, written by academics, of books on a whole range of classical subjects (since 1990). The reviews are generally longer than one expects to find within a scholarly journal, often giving a chapter-by-chapter summary of the work as well as critical comment. BMCR also publishes responses to reviews (and occasionally responses to the responses). The website gives access to all reviews published since 1990 and a simple search interface. The website also includes instructions for viewing Greek characters online, as well as guidelines for reviewers. The reviews are relevant to both Classics and Classical archaeology and may be useful to bot researchers and students.


Controlled Keywords : Middle East; Europe; Mediterranean Region; Africa North; Africa Northeast;

Language : eng;

Period : 1500 - 750 BCE; 3000 - 1500 BCE; 1 BCE - 500 CE; 750 - 1 BCE

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