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Title : Ephemeral films

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A few resources on ephemeral films are gathered on this website by Rick Prelinger. Here, the term "ephemeral films" denotes a cluster of genres that frequently "intersect": educational films; advertising or sponsored films; industrial films; institutional films; government-produced films; and amateur films or home movies. Also included here is Prelinger's own bibliography of ephemeral film resources (in preparation) to contribute to filling the gap that exists by the absence of a comprehensive history of ephemeral films and filmmakers in North America. Media archaeologist Rick Prelinger has amassed an enormous collection of materials that were otherwise destined to disintegrate after they had served their purpose. These promotional and instructional films of the 'golden age of American industry' reveal the cultural values and social mores of this period of American history. Prelinger released a CD-ROM of ephemeral films that included "lifestyle" films made by companies such as Oldsmobile, Proctor & Gamble, and Esso, with half of the CD concentrating on publicity for specific products and the second half looking at suggestions for the use of the new-found "leisure time" of the period. Commentaries by Prelinger added context and a critical approach, which suggested that the purpose of these films was usually to control or manipulate, either in schooling children on proper behaviour, or changing the buying habits of consumers. This is an old site that has not been updated since 2001. Despite some of the links not working, the site and the included bibliography are useful for anyone studying this type of moving image.


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