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Title : American Academy in Rome

Description :
This pleasingly presented site provides comprehensive information about the American Academy in Rome, including full details of its residency opportunities, summer programmes, its Rome Prize, and fellowships. There are also details of current and forthcoming exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and other events. The site includes the online catalogue of the American Academy's library (via the URBS network of research libraries in Rome, which pools the catalogues for several scholarly institutions) and a complete list of the Academy publications (together with ordering information). A style sheet for the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome is available online. A page with helpful maps and synopses of the Academy's current and recent archaeological projects (excavations at Rome, Ostia, Jerba, Stabiae, Bomarzo, Cosa and Licenza) provides links to the relevant excavation journals and home pages. Details of its photographic archive are also present. The archive comprises specialized collections of photographs on archaeology, architecture, art and gardens. A few selected images are available online.


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