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Title : HYLE : international journal for philosophy of chemistry

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This website provides full-text access to 'HYLE', a refereed journal which focuses on the philosophical aspects of chemistry (ISSN 1433-5158). It also provides extensive scholarly and practical information on the philosophy of chemistry. Articles in HYLE deal with problems in the epistemology, methodology, foundations, and ontology of chemistry and its subfields, as a distinct branch within the philosophy of science. The journal provides a forum for discussion as well as book reviews. It has a substantial international scientific board clearly identified on the home page. Most articles are in English but some are in German. Additional features on the website include a bibliography of resources on philosophy of chemistry, biographies of some philosophers of chemistry, a book review service, a conference calendar, detailed conference reports, a journals section with links to the tables of content for related journals both electronic and print, and links to pertinent sites.


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