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Title : International Shinto Foundation

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The International Shinto Foundation (ISF), currently chaired by Akira Nakanishi, was established to support research and scholarship about Shinto, Japan's indigenous religion, which has existed for around 2,500 years. While the English version of this website contains a brief introduction to Shinto practice and development as well as to the Foundation's activities, the bulk of the Japanese version is directed primarily towards academics and researchers who may wish to join the foundation and who are already well acquainted with Shinto history and belief. The ISF's mandate has led to the creation of an annual international symposium, and a series of publications have been generated from these conferences. In addition, a recently established Global Research Fund now supports promising scholarship by Shinto researchers, making this an important resource for all researchers of Japanese religion, culture and history. The Institute publishes a bimonthly newsletter, 'Shinto Forum', the latest issue of which is available on the site. Several areas of the site were under reconstruction at the time of review.


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