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Title : John Locke's An essay concerning human understanding

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'John Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding' is an e-text version, with online search engine, of the sixth edition of the classic work by the 17th century English philosopher John Locke (1632-1704). Locke was an empiricist (empiricism: human knowledge derives ultimately from the deliverances of our senses), and the Essay Concerning Human Knowledge was his major philosophical work. Therein he proposes, amongst other things, his theories of metaphysics and knowledge. In particular, Locke was keen to offer philosophical support for the corpuscularian movement in physics, and to popularise the distinction between primary and secondary qualities of body. (Corpuscularianism: the theory advocated by Isaac Newton amongst others that the behaviour of objects is to be explained by the behaviour in turn of its minute particles or corpuscles; primary qualities: properties such as size and shape that are taken to obtain in objects independent of our perceptions; secondary qualities: properties such as colour and taste that are taken to obtain in objects only as far as we perceive them to do so). The e-text itself is presented in plain text in a window within the main resource page. There are useful hyperlinked indices that divide the text into its constituent books, chapters and sections. The resource also provides a search engine that allows the user to search the text for phrases and terms; the results being displayed in hyperlinked lists. The e-text itself is stated to be based on an original HTML version by Roger Bishop Jones, although the URL provided by the site for this version was not responding at the time this record was reviewed. It is not stated which print edition of the text the e-text is taken from.


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Period : 17th Century

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