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Title : African traditional religion

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The 'African Traditional Religion' web pages maintained by Chidi Denis Isizoh are a general collection of resources on indigenous African cultures and beliefs, as well as their development both in Africa and in the African Diaspora. Through a series of articles, students and others with a general interest in African society are introduced to a number of social and religious issues including: women's role in religious rites; an examination of certain creation myths; and the function of marriage. There is also an interesting collection of papers tracking the interaction of native African religions with Christianity and Islam. For those writing papers of their own or furthering their research, a number of superior resources may be found here, including a bibliography of traditional African religion, and statistical information on religious adherence. The section on traditional religion in the African diaspora includes links to online resources on: voodou (voodoo); Orisha; Ifa; and Candoble. An extensive series of links to a wide variety of related topics (many from academic sources) will also assist research into any aspect of African culture.


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