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Title : USC-MSA compendium of Muslim texts

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Created and maintained by the Muslim Students' Association at the University of Southern California, the 'USC-MSA Compendium of Muslim texts' is a website which assembles a host of primary and secondary source materials on contemporary and historical issues within Islam. Of particular significance are their database of the Qur'an and various collections of the sunnah and hadith (narrations about the life of Muhammad). Discussions are also provided on the following topics: Islamic Articles of Faith and Pillars; economics; history; human relations; law; misconceptions about Islam; and politics. Those seeking information on a specific issue may wish to employ the excellent query tools. These tools isolate key words and retrieve the relevant passage from either the Qu’ran or hadith. In addition, for those who are new to the study of Islam or unfamiliar with some of the terminology, there is a glossary of Islamic terms and concepts.


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