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Title : Polymathic obsessions of Thomas H. Slone (THS)

Description :
This strangely entitled but useful site brings together a wide variety of unconnected material on all manner of subjects about which Mr. Slone (University of California at Berkelety) is obviously seriously interested. Topics range from linguistic structures to carcinogens in our atmosphere, but this diversity aside, he has also assembled a number of helpful resources on indigenous Melanesian or Papua New Guinean society that will be of use to anyone studying the anthropology, culture or language of this region. Contained within these pages is a compilation of folklore and stories translated from the original Papua New Guinea Pidgin English. As a complement to this resource, Slone has added a Bibliography of Melaneasian Pidgin English dictionaries, phrase books and study guides, and the large and well organised Annotated Bibliography of Papua New Guinean Folklore. This latter bibliography will likely have the widest mass appeal to students and researchers. Citations are organised initially into geographic divisions, but at the end of the list are also reorganised by category, theme, community and author. At the time of review the site hadn't been updated since 2003 and quite a few of the outgoing links were broken.


Controlled Keywords : linguistics; Melanesia;

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Geographic Name : Asia Southeastern, Australasia

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