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Title : Egypte : Tell el-Herr

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This website is published by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and focuses on the site of Tell el-Herr, Egypt (Sinai peninsula). The site is located on a strategic position between Egypt and the Levant and has been occupied from the fifth century BC to the sixth century AD. The site was a Roman settlement, later a Persian settlement and finally an early medieval Egyptian site. Several illustrated articles concentrate on the archaeological evidence unearthed by a French team of archaeologists. Achaemenid, Roman and Ptolemaic monuments are discussed. The 'diaporama' (picture gallery) collects in one place all the many colour photos and drawings in the articles. There is a map and a bibliography.


Language : fra;

Period : 750 - 1 BCE; 1500 - 750 BCE

Geographic Name : Egypt

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