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Title : Iraq : Sinjar

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This website is published by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and presents the preliminary results of the French archaeological mission in the Sinjar region, focussing on the sites of Grai Resh and Tell Khoshi. Both sites were occupied from the third millennium BCE. The material culture of the region is summarised in a series of illustrated articles. Of particular interest are the many plans and pictures of buildings. Various pictures of artefacts are also available. Excavators have found a workshop, where limestone or obsidian pearls were worked - one may have been a seal. Several tokens have been found, and these suggest that there was an administrative system in place in the region. Another important discovery has been that of a cist tomb of child, containing a necklace with gold, lapis lazuli and cornaline beads. The wealthy tomb suggests that the society was stratified and social status was decided at the birth: for this reason a child could be considered of such high status to be buried with uncommon luxuries. The presence of obsidian demonstrates that the region was inserted in the exchange routes on which Anatolian obsidian travelled. There is also a small bibliography on this website, as well as a gallery of pictures, and contact details of the excavators.


Controlled Keywords : Sinjar, Iraq

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Period : 3000 - 1500 BCE

Geographic Name : Middle East

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