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Title : Online Quran resources

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'Online Qur'an Resources' is a website with numerous annotated links to sites which represent a variety of viewpoints on the Holy Book of Islam. The materials were compiled by Bruce B. Lawrence of Duke University and Daniel Martin Varisco of Hofstra University. The effort is part of a wider aim to help make possible the teaching of the Qur'an "in a way that both stresses the multiple interpretations among Muslims and the view from a secular but respectful non-Muslim stance". The contents are organised into the following headings: The Qur'an; Interpreting the Qur'an; Reciting the Qur'an; Translating the Qur'an; Qur'an, Jihad and Justice; Science and the Qur'an; and Attacking the Qur'an. The site also provides a bibliography of scholarly books and articles on the Qur'an.


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