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Title : Institute of Islamic information and education

Description :
The Institute of Islamic Information and Education (IIIE) seeks to enhance and improve the image of Islam and Muslims in North America through the provision of information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization from authentic sources. The Institute was set up in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. This website gives full-text access to numerous articles and these are organised into the following categories: Islamic beliefs and practices; Islamic values; Women; Experiences with Islam; Islam and Christianity; Muslims in American life; Contemporary issues; Attacks on Islam; Pseudo-Islamic cults; and For Muslims. There are also annotated links to relevant websites and a search engine.


Controlled Keywords : Islam; Muslim; United States

Language : eng;

Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present; 20th Century (1946 - 1999)

Geographic Name : North America

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