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Title : Islam and human rights

Description :
This is the website for the Islam and Human Rights Fellowship Program at Emory University, USA. The project is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and brings scholars and activists together to investigate the relationship between human rights and Islam. The site contains: information about the program itself; the biographies of program fellows and research projects undertaken by them; and details of workshops organised by the program. Resources provided include: the profiles and contact details of scholars in Islam and human rights around the world; bibliographies; databases; links to the home pages of relevant journals; extracts on religion and fundamental freedoms from the constitutions of countries with large Muslim populations; links to materials on education and training in human rights; and downloadable articles and links to relevant articles which can be viewed by author's name or by topic (e.g. constitutionalism; globalization; Islamic law and Shari'ah; reform; tolerance and pluralism; cultural rights; inter-faith and inter-community relations; modernity and modernization; rights in the Qur'an and other Islamic sources; women's rights; democracy; international law; radical Islam/fundamentalism; secularism and secularization).


Uncontrolled Keywords : human rights

Controlled Keywords : Islam; religions (concept)

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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present;

Geographic Name : North America

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