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Title : Zakariya calligraphy : the art, history and practice of Islamic calligraphy

Description :
This interesting website is maintained by Mohamed Zakariya, an Islamic calligrapher, artist and maker of custom instruments from the history of science. It describes what is meant by 'Islamic art' and features papers under the following titles: 'Music for the eyes: an introduction to Islamic and Ottoman calligraphy'; 'Becoming a calligrapher: memoirs of an American student of calligraphy'; 'Great Islamic calligraphers'; 'The Hilye (beautiful and significant description) of the Prophet Muhammad'; 'Selected Hadiths' (sayings of the prophet); 'Mahmud Yazir and the beauty of the pen'; and 'A note about content'. The site, which provides a good insight into the art, history and practice of Islamic calligraphy, also makes available the biography of the webmaster and information about his works; a glossary of terms; and links to relevant online resources.


Controlled Keywords : Islam; calligraphy

Language : eng;

Geographic Name : Middle East,North America

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