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Title : Nachrichtendienst für Historiker

Description :
The Nachrichtendienst für Historiker website is a repository of newspapers articles of historical interest that is updated daily. Major newspapers from Germany, Italy, France and the English speaking world are read daily and included in the searchable database. The website is aimed principally at German speaking readers, and published articles are only available in the original language. Most of the articles are freely accessible on the Internet, and are not archived on this site. Newspapers articles are not always trustworthy, but often the only source of information for ongoing or unpublished research, especially for projects of local value. The selected articles are catalogued by a team of professional journalists, who scan German newspapers for news of interest to foreign papers, and scan foreign papers for news of interest to German papers. This freely accessible website limited to historical articles demonstrates the service provided by the team. In the same section "Information", there are also a few data about transmitted TV historical documentaries. The journalists also have included reviews of books; DVDs; CD-ROMs; of interest to historians, classicists or archaeologists in section "Materialen". Although some multimedia titles are aimed at the general public and can be purchased from the website, most reviewed titles such as "Troia"; "Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) Latin Texts 5.3"; and "Poesis" are aimed at students and scholars. The website makes accessible via streaming technology audio or video historical sources, especially of twentieth century Germany in section "Recherche - Multimedia". It is possible to discuss the news or ask for more information in the forum.


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