Record Number : 90418 of 13452

Title : Base de données expérimentale Mertens-Pack 3 (CEDOPAL)

Description :
The Mertens-Pack 3 database project by the University of Liège stores the information from the "Catalogue des papyrus littéraires grecs et latins", or Mertens-Pack 3, into a database powered website. The website is still under development and only partly translated in English from French; readers are advised to check the French version first. The bibliographic catalogue appears complete and can be searched by using a convenient web form; it is also possible to perform a search by selecting the name of an ancient author. For each literary work, any search in the catalogue returns the papyri containing any part of the text; the essential bibliography and when available hyperlinks to pictures. Thematic general bibliographies are available for "Alexandria docta"; "Pharmacopoea Aegyptia et Graeco-Aegyptia"; "Liber Antiquus". A few pages contain information about CEDOPAL, its activities and publications. By clicking on "Restoration of P. Leodienses" it is possible to access some information on the restoration of papyri; there is also an informative 15 minutes movie available at different quality and size. This is a very useful bibliographic and papyrological source of information for researchers, as it is the printed version of Mertens-Pack 3.


Language : fra; eng;

Period : 750 - 1 BCE; 1 BCE - 500 CE

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