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Title : Athanasius Kircher correspondence project

Description :
The Athanasius Kircher Correspondence Project presents digitised images of the correspondence of this neglected 17th century Jesuit thinker. Based in Rome, Kircher had one of the most wide-ranging intellects of his day, pursuing subjects as diverse as alchemy, Egyptology and engineering. Much of his research was based on correspondence with foreign thinkers, travellers and missionaries, and the collection digitised here is based on the 2,000 plus letters Kircher received from over 700 correspondents. The website provides information on recent publications and bibliographical data on works about Kircher and his correspondence. To view the correspondence itself, it is necessary to download the Insight program from the site: users can then search the database using a range of categories, and will be presented with digitised images of the letters relevant to their search terms.


Uncontrolled Keywords : digitising; digitisation; digitization; Athanasius Kircher

Controlled Keywords : Rome; Italy; history (discipline); histories; Renaissance; digitizing; correspondence; personal correspondence; letters (correspondence); pi4714

Language : lat; ita; eng;

Period : 1602 - 1680; 17th Century

Geographic Name : Rome; Italy

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