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Title : Did the women of ancient Athens attend the theater in the eighteenth century?

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The author of this online article is Marilyn Katz of Wesleyan University; according to the website the text found here is also to appear in print in the scholarly journal Classical Philology. The focus of the piece is the debate in modern times as to whether ancient Athenian women were present at theatrical performances. Katz looks at the origins of the debate which was first sparked in 1776 by the German scholar Karl Böttiger and which has occupied academics since then until the present day. Her focus is the 'socio-cultural and historical circumstances under which the question first arose as a subject of scholarly debate'. Further sections of the essay are as follows: Böttiger and the theatre; popular culture and classical scholarship; eighteenth-century German Hellenism; and the role and rights of women. This article on a very specific topic will be of interest to those seeking information on the history of classical scholarship in Europe as well as on the debate surrounding the presence of women in the ancient theatre.


Uncontrolled Keywords : gender studies; theatre audiences; classical scholarship; women in ancient Greece;

Language : eng;

Period : 18th Century; 19th Century; 750 - 1 BCE

Geographic Name : Northern Europe,Mediterranean Region

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