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Title : 15 ancient Greek heroes from Plutarch's lives

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The main feature of the website '15 Ancient Greek Heroes from Plutarch's Lives', compiled by Wilmot McCutchen, is a set of English translations of fifteen of the ancient Lives originally written in Greek by Plutarch (c46-120 AD). This easily-navigable site contains the following Lives: Theseus; Lycurgus; Solon; Aristides; Pericles; Nicias; Agesilaus; Pelopidas; Dion; Timoleon; Alexander the Great; Phocion; Pyrrhus; Agis; and Philopoemen. There is also a short biography of Plutarch himself, and a timeline of events in ancient Greece, which enables the reader to place the personalities in their relevant chronological context. For ease of reference the site also has a set of shortcuts which allows the user to jump to sections in Plutarch's work on particular key topics (for example: the Trojan War; the battles of Salamis, Marathon and Plataea; Atlantis; Plato). A glossary of terms also provides definitions of key English words in the texts; this feature, the site explains, is aimed at students wishing to improve their SAT verbal score, or at adults learning English as a second language.


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Period : 1 BCE - 500 CE; 750 - 1 BCE; 46-120

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