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Title : Barbara Abbott

Description :
The Web page of Barbara Abbott, professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at Michigan State University, contains a collection of her research articles on various topics in semantic theory, pragmatics and philosophy of language, her main areas of specialisation. The topics covered include: presuppositions; indicative conditionals; proper names; definite and indefinite noun phrases; definite descriptions; language of thought; theories of quotation; analytic truth; specificity; and referentiality. Her papers, most of which can be downloaded in HTML or PDF, are grouped into four categories: articles; reviews; manuscripts; and work in progress. The section on articles collects the papers that feature in journals, books, and conference proceedings. The section on manuscripts contains papers that have not yet been published. Some of these papers, however, may have been presented in conferences or workshops. The section on work in progress simply indicates her current research interests. The papers that are available to download represent the crucial contribution that Abbott has made to the study of meaning. Full appreciation of her work and the concepts discussed, however, comes with acquaintance with the contents of some of the papers that are not available on her Web page. The Web page contains details of a seminar series on pragmatics, with downloadable papers by scholars such as H. P. Grice and Scott Weinstein. While most of the downloadable papers by Abbott are original and technical, some are of a purely expository nature. This makes her Web page a useful resource for undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty members alike.


Controlled Keywords : linguistics; semantics; pragmatics;

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