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Title : Aesopica : Aesop's fables in English, Latin and Greek

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Aesopica is an excellent online resource which collects the fables of Aesop (probably originally composed in the sixth century BC) in one easy-to-use reference tool. It offers a range of available versions of each fable, in ancient Greek as well as in Latin and English translations, as recorded by later writers. Included are, for example, William Caxton's 1484 English translation as well as those of Roger L'Estrange (1692), George Townsend (1887), Joseph Jacobs (1894) and recent translations made by the site's author, Laura Gibbs. The Latin versions given range from Phaedrus (first century AD) to the thirteenth-century AD Odo of Cheriton. Greek texts include those of Babrius (second century AD) and Chambry's 1925/6 edition. Many of the texts are accompanied by explanatory notes as well as details of the writer who recorded them. Several of the English texts are also accompanied by illustrations. The fables are fully cross-referenced, which allows for ease of comparison between different versions (prose and verse, and in different languages) of the same story. The site is also searchable by key word. As well as being of use to those with a particular interest in Aesop, this site is also a good source of Latin and Greek reading exercises as the text is in manageable chunks for language practice.


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