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Title : Religious movements homepage project @ the university of Virginia

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The Religious Movements Homepage is a vital resource for anyone researching new or contemporary religious developments in the western world. Developing out of, and in conjunction with, a class on the sociology of new religious movements, this site is an excellent example of the practical utility of electronic resources in higher education. The primary function of these pages is to provide introductory information and research on those religions typically not regarded as mainstream, and often labelled as ‘cults’, ‘sects’ or ‘quasi-religious organizations’. Its most valuable utility is a searchable index of new religious movement profiles, which contains historical and demographic information on over 200 groups, summarizes their individual belief system as well as offers links to related resources. Far more than simply a reference tool, the often-surprising breadth for detail for an undergraduate class project means it can stand as a true starting point for students researching the formation and development of new religions. The site actively seeks to clarify the meaning of such terms as ‘cult’ and ‘sect’ while diffusing some of the fear occasionally associated with these words. A number of articles are included on cults and cult-controversies, and an extensive bibliography will help guide interested readers further in these issues.

As of mid 2008, the Religious Movements Home Page is in the process of undergoing a major revision and migration. Until this is complete, a link to an archived version of the resource is available.


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