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Title : Comparative Bantu online dictionary (CBOLD)

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This is the website of The Comparative Bantu OnLine Dictionary (CBOLD). The CBOLD project (1994-2000) culminated in an extensive lexicographic database that contains research material designed to enrich the description of grammatical and historical aspects of Bantu languages. The database contains structured collections of reconstructed Proto-Bantu and regional roots, and reflexes of these roots for hundreds of daughter languages, as well as published and unpublished dictionaries of some Bantu languages scanned from various sources and carefully annotated. Though founded by Larry Hyman and John Lowe of the University of California, Berkeley, CBOLD is a product of collaborative efforts by researchers in Bantu languages from USA, and various countries in Europe and Africa. Its principal aim is to facilitate research into Bantu languages by providing, in a unified format, comprehensive dictionaries and wordlists of Bantu languages. The website offers a frames only version, where one window enumerates categories of documents, and another displays their contents. The documents include: publications that made use of CBOLD resources; downloadable and searchable Bantu dictionaries and bibliography; computational tools for processing and displaying the data; African linguistics map; and further African languages resources. Each document contains links to other resources including African Language Data Archive and Open Language Archives Community, which are regularly updated. The expansive collection of dictionaries of Bantu languages makes this site an invaluable resource for teachers and researchers in descriptive and historical Bantu linguistics. However, there is no evidence that the site itself is regularly updated.


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