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Title : Shabakat rawḍ al-rayāhīn

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Shabakat rawḍ al-rayāhīn is an Arabic website devoted to resources on Sufism. It includes: a periodic magazine highlighting Sufi texts and poetry; excerpts from books on Sufism; a collection of mystical poetry by various authors; online versions of important texts by Sufi authors, including Ahmad al-Tijani; and full-text versions of books and theses on Sufism available as zipped or PDF files. The site also contains a number of recordings that can be played with RealPlayer, including lectures on different topics as well as recorded recitations and dhikrs (devotions). The site is available only in Arabic. It will be of most use to advanced researchers looking for primary sources on Sufism and Sufic practice.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Islamic mysticism

Controlled Keywords : Islam; Sufism; mysticism; Islamic studies;

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